Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Feel Your Boobies E-mail

Medusa Magazine received an e-mail from a representative of The NewHouse Ad Agency regarding the article “Feel boobies. Get objectified.” in the second issue.

The NewHouse Ad Agency would like us to attribute the sexist and objectifying campaign to the students who created the advertisement, as opposed to the national foundation of the same name.

“Feel Your Boobies is not the name of a campaign, it is the name of a Pennsylvania-based non-for-profit organization whose mission is to get young females aware of breast cancer examination,” the representative wrote. “TNH took on this organization has a client this fall after speaking with founder Leigh Hurst, a 39-year old breast cancer survivor. Leigh discovered her breast cancer at age 33 by doing exactly what her organization suggests — casually feeling herself. Now she encourages other young ladies to do the same.”

Medusa Magazine regrets this small error, but the opinion of the writer does not change.

The flyer that the article was a response to advertises the YouBoob Viral Video Contest. With a $10,000 grand prize, the contest turns breast cancer awareness into a contest. It makes no mention of the medical effects of breast cancer, the proper way to give a breast self-exam, and that breast cancer can affect men, too.

To correct the error, Medusa is releasing this statement and has changed the attribution in the print publication, available for download here.

-Kelina Imamura

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