Monday, November 22, 2010

Link: Trusting Black Women

In our last issue, we tackled the issue of abortion - no easy feat. Some people didn't like that we dedicated the bulk of the issue to this one theme - and yet, I don't think we could do it justice if we dedicated all 32 pages to it. Or more.

So here's an article I just came upon that looks at a facet of abortion that we didn't get a chance to touch upon...

Billboards have been erected around the country, specifically in low-income neighborhoods, that aim to convince women that the pro-choice movement unfairly tagets women of color; that abortion will make black people an endangered species. The message is different, but it's really just a repackaging of the same pro-life rhetoric we see all the time. This article discusses how a counter-campaign was started to shift the focus of the billboards to show their real agenda.

Look out for the next issue and a hopeful upswing in blogging!


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